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UiJuiJui - Früh Raus, Spät Heim (Vinyl 7inch EP)
UiJuiJui - Früh Raus, Spät Heim (Vinyl 7" EP)

A) Einer Hupt Immer
B1) Der Berg Ruft
B2) Für immer Freunde

After their 2010 Debutalbum  "Masters Of Love" UiJuiJui release a new Record.
Their first Vinyl includes 3 Tracks. The Smashsingle "Einer Hupt Immer", some
kind of Blur meets 8Bit-Elektropop, a new B-Side and the fastets Song of the last
Album. The colored Vinyl also includes a Download-Card for free MP3s. Yeah!

Dispatch-Overall (Europe):
1 Vinyl (1,50€)
2 Vinyls (3,00€)
3 Vinyls or more (4,00€)

Dispatch-Overall (Worldwide):
1 Vinyls (4,00€)
2 Vinyls or more (8,00€)

Price: 5 Euro
Shipping(Europe): 1,50 Euro
Shipping(worldwide): 4 Euro
 UiJuiJui - Frueh Raus Spaet Heim
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