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Fun Gothic - Darth Frogger - CD - Album
You feel goth, you feel fun? Darth Frogger the green Sithlord gives you
13 tracks "Fun-Gothic". On his first full album he embraces themes and
stories about the dark side of living. Serialkillers, Godzilla, fuckfingers...
This weird production is a raised fist against every commercial thought
and a real freakshow. Buy the full album now and be a supporter for a new
born music-genre. "Fun-Gothic" will get them all in the near future. Har har har!

Get it for 8,00 €

plus shipping (4 € in Europe / 9,90 € worldwide)

Meanwhile listen to the streamfile of the whole album here...

Price: 8 Euro
Shipping(Europe): 4 Euro
Shipping(worldwide): 9,90 Euro
 Fun Gothic CD
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