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UiJuiJui - Masters of Love (CD - Album)

UiJuiJui - these shameless popbastards come with her debutalbum.
World gave them a title - Masters of Love. And everyone should
understand this while listening to these 13 elektropop-singalongs.
UiJuiJui is grown from a pure elektro-project of ZackiBoy. and
Napomi Sample to a real band with Stefan Ivanov on the guitar
and Breavman on the drums and samples. Every song on this
album is a sweet pophit or a dirty elektrosmasher.

Musikfladen promises: No fillers, just killers!

Price: 11,00 € plus shiping


1 CD (1,50 €)
2 CDs (3,00 €)
3 and more CDs (4,00 €)

4,00 € for each order

Price: 11 Euro
Shipping(Europe): 1,50 Euro
Shipping(worldwide): 4,00 Euro
 uijuijui - masters of love
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